American voters are getting ready to throw a good left hook against the Republicans' right wing agenda of fear and hate. Too long have Americans been sitting on their hands, waiting on the sidelines, watching their country be ruined as if they have nothing to do with it. Too long have the powers of big money and big corporations gone unopposed from the people they profit from. Too long have progressive activists been battered black and blue by right wing extremists. Now, with one clenched fist, liberal America stands up and fights back with no apologies.

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Oh Yes Obama Campaign Button

oh yes obama button $2.25 - plus 75 cents shipping and handling

Republicans try to make use of Barack Obama's non-European name to criticize him - as if the United States of America is a country where only people of pure European descent can be allowed to gain power.

Progressives make a different use of Barack Obama's name. They recognize that the name is unusual, and try to have fun with the interesting sounds of Barack Obama's name in order to help voters remember who he is.

A political button like this one serves that interest. The phrase Oh yes, Obama helps people keep Obama's name in mind in a positive way. Spread the word. Wear the button.

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