These liberal tote bags carry a political message in two ways. First, these tote bags are reusable. So, when you bring them to the grocery store, you avoid using a paper or plastic bag. In doing so, you send the message to the stores that people care enough about the environment to change their ways. You also set an example fr other shoppers to follow.

This collection of political tote bags goes further, however. Each bag features a design that carries a political activist message for a candidate or a cause. So, at the same time that you cut down on environmental waste, you are also communicating to your fellow shoppers about the things you care abut most deeply.

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Progressive Tote Bags

tote bag against jet skis
Ban Jet Skis Tote Bag

patriotic tote bag for barack obama
Barack Obama 2008 Patriotic Peace Hand Tote Bag

Barack Obama: President Tote Bag

tote bag for Barack Obama with american flag
Barack Obama 2008 American Flag Tote Bag

mahatma gandhi on fighting tote bag></a><br><a href=Then They Fight You, Then You Win Gandhi Tote Bag

no war against iran tote bag
No Iran War Reusable Peace Tote Bag

cow saying onomatopoeia tote bag
Onomatopoeia Cow Reusable Grocery Tote Bag

tote bag with an ankh for peace
Peace Ankh Reusable Tote Bag

four symbols for peace tote bag
Peace, Earth, Love, Dove Reusable Tote Bag

john mccain is bush's poodle antimccain tote bag
McCain is Bush's Poodle Tote Bag

question authority tote bag
Question Authority Reusable Grocery Tote Bag

tote bag with thomas jefferson quote
Thomas Jefferson on Liberty Grocery Tote Bag

long blue line united states map free speech zone tote bog
USA Map: Free Speech Zone Grocery Tote Bag

john mccain opposite of truth tote bag
McCain and Truth One Way Sign Tote Bag

barack obama portrait tote bag
Barack Obama 2008 Tote Bag with a Portrait

2008 american flag tote bag for barack obama
Obama 2008 American Flag Tote Bag

More Than One Way Reusable Grocery Tote Bag

penguin for peace tote bag
Peace Penguin Grocery Tote Bag

mccain is the wrong way tote bag
Vote McCain? Wrong Way! Anti-McCain Tote Bag

recovering christian tote bag
Recovering Christian Beaver at the Cross Tote Bag

tote bag for happy heretics
Happy Heretic Dancing Rainbow Grocery Tote Bag

go wildflowers tote bag
Go Wild Field of Oil Pastel flowers Grocery Tote Bag

george w. bush is a lousy president tote bag
All I Got Was This Lousy President Tote Bag

stem cell research tote bag
I Support Stem Cell Research Tote Bag

long blue line

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